Docker | Working with Linux

Ralph/ December 27, 2017/ Docker

Drone Drone is a lightweight, powerful continuous delivery platform built for containers. Drone is packaged and distributed as a Docker image and can be downloaded from Dockerhub. on Github Alpine Linux Interesting links Alpine Based Docker Images Make a Difference in Real World Apps How to Use Docker on OS X: The Missing Guide

Docker | Build Images

Ralph/ December 26, 2017/ Docker

Contents Creating docker images basically means creating and editing Dockerfiles. These files are configurations files which contains all desired information to build a docker image. Build images Dockerfile Create a Dockerfile  Build image Build images from Baseimages Linux-based images Alpine Linux $ docker run gliderlabs/alpine apk add –no-cache nodejs   Link # # # #

Docker | Cookbook

Ralph/ December 19, 2017/ Cookbook, Docker

Useful apps MAKING DOCKER MANAGEMENT EASY. Build and manage your Docker environments with ease today. Useful commands docker ps — Lists running containers. Some useful flags include: -a / -all for all containers (default shows just running) and —-quiet /-q to list just their ids (useful for when you want to get all the containers). docker pull — Most of your images will be created on top of a base

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Docker | Help

Ralph/ December 15, 2017/ Docker

Docker Help Management Commands config Usage: docker config COMMAND Manage Docker configs Options: –help Print usage Commands: create Create a configuration file from a file or STDIN as content inspect Display detailed information on one or more configuration files ls List configs rm Remove one or more configuration files Run ‘docker config COMMAND –help’ for more information on a command.

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Docker | Getting started

Ralph/ October 19, 2016/ Docker, Virtual Machine, Virtualbox

General Information Docker Cheatsheet Awesome-Docker Installation Install with Homebrew After Installation, check versions First steps Start a docker image with a given name Run a command Leave image  Show running images Start image Attach to image, e.g. “enter” the image Don’t forget to press enter after you entered the command do display the shell in the image again Working with

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