PySpark | Cookbook

Ralph/ March 31, 2020/ Apache Spark, Cookbook, PySpark

Websites The Blaze Ecosystem (Blaze) Dask: Flexible library for parallel computing in Python. DataShape: Data layout language for array programming.  Odo: Shapeshifting for your dataIt efficiently migrates data from the source to the target through a network of conversions. Reading Textfiles Read CSV file with known structure

Build an Fullstack Development Environment

Ralph/ March 5, 2020/ Uncategorized

In this post, we will describe how to setup a modern development environment, so that you can work with such tools as Git, GoGS, Jenkins, CI/CD, Unittesting using languages like Python, Groovy, Bash Scripting. Introduction Working as a software developer today poses great challenges to know-how, especially due to the large number of existing products and technologies. It is not

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Jenkins | Build and Deploy a Groovy App

Ralph/ March 2, 2020/ CI/CD, Groovy, Jenkins

Introduction Using Jenkins as an automation server for your development, you can automate such repeating tasks as testing and deploying your app. Starting with a sample Groovy App (a simple calculator) with tests, you will learn how to integrate your app in Jenkins and build a pipeline, so that Jenkins runs the desired tasks every time, you change the code.

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Jenkins | Cookbook

Ralph/ March 2, 2020/ Cookbook, Uncategorized

Working with VS Code Validate Jenkins File Install VS Code Plugin Jenkins Pipeline Linter Connector Add configuration in .vscode/settings.json Replace <USERNAME>, <PASSWORD> and <JENKINS_URL> with your values, for example Working with Jenkins Client (CLI) Download Client Working with Plugins Create aPlugin Verify Plugin Run Plugin Working with Groovy Scripts Include a common groovy script in Jenkins file 1: Create a

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