Working with Projects

Ralph/ August 20, 2019/ Angular

TL;DR Live Demo or Source Code Create base application Main ideas comes from here: Combining Multiple Angular Applications into a Single One Generate base app and workspace In the following steps, we will create a main application and 2 sub-applications. Each Sub-Application consists of 2 Views (Pages) and a common navigation bar. As a result, we will get the following

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Bootstrap | Coobook

Ralph/ August 19, 2019/ Bootstrap, Cookbook, CSS

Layout and Positioning From here. Now that Bootstrap 4 is flexbox by default, vertical alignment gets a little easier. In general, there are 3 different approaches to vertical alignment… Auto-margins Flexbox utilities Display utilities along with the Vertical Align utilities. At first, the “Vertical Align” utilities would seem an obvious choice, but these only work with inline and table display elements. Consider the following vertical alignment options and scenarios.

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Test-Driven Development with Python

Ralph/ August 7, 2019/ Python

Part 1: Create a TDD Python Project Part 2: Use Jenkins to automatically test your App Part 1: Create a TTD Python Project Final source code is on Github. Introduction The task of creating an error free program is not easy. And, if your program runs free of errors, keeping it error-free after an update or change is even more complicated.

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