SAS | Cookbook

Ralph/ May 16, 2019/ Cookbook, SAS

Handling data Split fields Data Cleaning Filter out by value of an entry

Linux | Cookbook

Ralph/ May 16, 2019/ Cookbook, Linux

Run file without execute permission Copy permissions from other file Change permissions with rsync

Jupyter | Cookbook

Ralph/ May 12, 2019/ Cookbook, Jupyter, Python

Cookbook Customize start dir Search for the following line in the file Replace by Free online Notebooks

Using multiple accounts with Github

Ralph/ May 10, 2019/ Git und Github

Create a New SSH Key We need to generate a unique SSH key for our second GitHub account. Be careful: do not over-write your existing key for your personal account. Instead, when prompted, save the file as id_rsa_<account name>. I saved the file to ~/.ssh/id_rsa_placeholder Attach the new Key to your Github Account Next, login to your second GitHub account, browse to

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