Ionic | App from Scratch – Two Sidemenus

Ralph/ July 2, 2017/ Ionic, Ionic 3, Ionic 4

Prepare your starter App Change into the newly create folder and start the Ionic App You will see the default Ionic Sidemenu App The entries of the sSidemenu are defined in app.components.ts: The sidemenu itself and his apperance are defined in app.component.html: The Sidemenu entries and the Icon are added in line 13 and 14 to the sidemenu. Define two

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Ionic | App from Scratch

Ralph/ July 1, 2017/ Ionic, Ionic 4

Prepare Environment Install Node.JS Install Ionic 4 Create an app from Template Introduction: First App Prepare the base App Create basic structure with tutorial template Some name changing To keep the structure of the filenames the same, i like to change the name for the routing module (changing the dash to a dot) from to Show base app Add a page

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