Postgres: Getting started

Ralph/ May 19, 2017/ Postgres

Install Postgres Server brew install postgres Postgres Utilities pgAdmin PSequel, a PostgreSQL GUI Tool for macOS Documentation Upgrade Migrate existing data from a previous minor version (9.0-9.5) of PostgreSQL Working with You will need your previous PostgreSQL installation from brew to perform `pg_upgrade`. Do not run `brew cleanup postgresql` until you have performed the migration. To have launchd start postgresql

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Python: Replacing the Shell

Ralph/ May 19, 2017/ Python

Possible Solutions plumbum Github XonSH Github (git clone IPython Sarge Source (hg clone sh Github (git clone Plumbum Install: pip install plumbum

iPython | Getting Started

Ralph/ May 12, 2017/ iPython, Python

Introduction iPython ist ein Kommandozeileninterpreter zum interaktiven Arbeiten mit der Programmiersprache Python.  IDEs and Environments iPython Jupyter Anaconda Install  Jupyter $ virtualenv –python python3 jupyter $ cd jupyter $ . bin/activate $ pip install –upgrade pip $ pip install jupyter Finally run jupyter jupyter notebook Anaconda $ virtualenv –python python3 anaconda $ cd anaconda $ . bin/activate $ wget | bash jupyter notebook

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