Python: Toolbox

Ralph/ December 30, 2016/ Python

Introduction Update Python Environment Update all Python packages pip3 list| cut -f1 -d’ ‘|xargs -I {} pip3 install {} –upgrade Debugging and Tracing def tracefunc(frame, event, arg, indent=[0]): if event == “call”: indent[0] += 2 print “-” * indent[0] + “> call function”, frame.f_code.co_name elif event == “return”: print “<” + “-” * indent[0], “exit function”, frame.f_code.co_name indent[0] -= 2

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Arduino | Getting started

Ralph/ December 10, 2016/ Arduino

Introduction I just want do learn and work with a new technology, so i bought a 3D printer based on an Arduino Mega 2560. (More on this in the following Blog entry) To be prepared with the Arduino, i want to play with it. So i started with a starter kit and a sensor kit from Set / Kit

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