Docker | Getting started

Ralph/ October 19, 2016/ Docker, Virtual Machine, Virtualbox

General Information Docker Cheatsheet Awesome-Docker Installation Install with Homebrew After Installation, check versions First steps Start a docker image with a given name Run a command Leave image  Show running images Start image Attach to image, e.g. “enter” the image Don’t forget to press enter after you entered the command do display the shell in the image again Working with

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JavaScript: Guide to the JavaScript Ecosystem

Ralph/ October 5, 2016/ Javascript

Beginning – Libraries and Frameworks UI Angular Ionic Onson UI Framework 7 Unit Testing Karma Jasmine End-to-End Testing Technologies Unit Testing Protractor ( Use npm to install Protractor globally with npm install -g protractor The webdriver-manager is a helper tool to easily get an instance of a Selenium Server running. Use it to download the necessary binaries with: Now

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Vagrant | Getting started

Ralph/ October 1, 2016/ Vagrant

Installation Installing VirtualBox Install VirtualBox on Linux Install VirtualBox on Mac OS Install Vagrant Install VirtualBox on Linux Install VirtualBox on Mac OS First Steps Getting vagrant machine up Configure Project   Configure Vagrant environment Running X Clients Allow X-Forwarding Check ssh config Run a X client @localhost Setup Vagrant box Setup with on command Setup manuell Edit the Vagrantfile

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