Flutter | Getting started

Create your first App

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Step 1: Create the starter Flutter app

$ flutter create startup_namer
$ cd startup_namer
$ flutter devices
$ flutter run


Installation of Flutter

Instructions on https://flutter.io/get-started/install/

Installation of Dart SDK

Details are here

$ brew tap dart-lang/dart
$ brew install dart --devel

Run a flutter Application

$ flutter devices
$ flutter run [--verbose]
$ flutter emulators
5 available emulators:

Nexus_5X_API_28_x86      • Nexus 5X      • Google • Nexus 5X API 28 x86
Pixel_3_API_28           • pixel_3       • Google • Pixel 3 API 28
Pixel_XL_API_28          • pixel_xl      • Google • Pixel XL API 28
apple_ios_simulator      • iOS Simulator • Apple

To run an emulator, run 'flutter emulators --launch <emulator id>'.
To create a new emulator, run 'flutter emulators --create [--name xyz]'.
$ flutter emulators --launch apple_ios_simulator