Django | Build a Dashboard with Django and Bootstrap: Part 1

Additional Steps

Add dashboard from bootstrap example template

Get Javascript libraries


mkdir ${DST}/feather/4.9.0/js
wget -q ${URL}/feather-icons/4.9.0/feather.min.js -O ${DST}/feather/4.9.0/js/feather.min.js

mkdir ${DST}//chart/2.7.3/js
wget -q ${URL}/Chart.js/2.7.3/Chart.min.js -O ${DST}/chart/2.7.3/js/Chart.min.js

Resulting file structure

Get Bootstrap sources with examples


rm -rf  install/bootstrap
mkdir -p  install/bootstrap
wget -q ${BOOTSTRAP_ZIP} -O install/bootstrap/${BOOTSTRAP_VER}.zip

rm -rf ${BOOTSTRAP_DST}/bootstrap-${BOOTSTRAP_VER} 
mkdir -p ${BOOTSTRAP_DST}/

unzip -q install/bootstrap/${BOOTSTRAP_VER} -d install

Examine and study examples

All examples from the website are located in install/bootstrap-4.4.1/site/docs/4.4/examples

Copy template files to django project folders

Copy the css stylesheet

cp install/bootstrap-4.4.1/site/docs/4.4/examples/dashboard/dashboard.css  dashboard/static/site/css/

Copy the javascript file

cp install/bootstrap-4.4.1/site/docs/4.4/examples/dashboard/dashboard.js dashboard/static/site/js

Copy html file

cp install/bootstrap-4.4.1/site/docs/4.4/examples/dashboard/index.html  dashboard/templates/site/dashboard.html 

After this, we should have the following files in folders:

find dashboard -name "dashboard*" -type f

Final Step: modify site/base.html template

The dashboard.html template file from the bootstrap examples contains only the required html for the dashboard itself.

What we need to add is the information, where the stylesheets and the javascript files (including bootstrap itself) are located.

The base structure for a template file using bootstrap (or any other UI / layout framework) looks like this:

  • starting with a header, specifying meta information and links for the used css files
  • following the main part, containing the information display on the website
  • end up the the information, where the javascript files are located

The resulting template should look like this

File dashboard/templates/site/base.html

{% load static %}

<!DOCTYPE html>
		<title>{% block title %}Home{% endblock title %}</title>
		<link rel="icon" type="image/png" href="{% static 'assets/img/favicons/favicon-32x32.png' %}" />
		<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />
		<meta http-equiv="Content-Language" value="en-US" />
		<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0, shrink-to-fit=no" />

		<link href="{% static 'vendor/bootstrap/4.4.1/css/bootstrap.min.css' %}" rel="stylesheet" media="screen" />
		<link href="{% static 'site/css/dashboard.css' %}" rel="stylesheet" media="screen" />
		<link href="{% static 'site/css/site.css' %}" rel="stylesheet" media="screen" />

		<main role="main">
			Insert content of dashboard.html here

			<div id="site-wrapper">
				{% block content %}MISSING CONTENT{% endblock content %}

	<script src="{% static 'vendor/popper/2.0.6/js/popper.min.js' %}"></script>
	<script src="{% static 'vendor/jquery/3.4.1/js/jquery.min.js' %}"></script>
	<script src="{% static 'vendor/jquery/3.4.1/js/jquery.slim.min.js' %}"></script>
	<script src="{% static 'vendor/bootstrap/4.4.1/js/bootstrap.bundle.min.js' %}"></script>

	<script src="{% static 'vendor/chart/2.7.3/js/Chart.min.js' %}"></script>
	<script src="{% static 'vendor/feather/4.9.0/js/feather.min.js' %}"></script>

	<script src="{% static 'site/js/dashboard.js' %}"></script>
	<script src="{% static 'site/js/site.js' %}"></script>