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JavaScript: Guide to the JavaScript Ecosystem

Beginning – Libraries and Frameworks


  • Angular 2
  • Ionic
  • Onson UI
  • Framework 7

Unit Testing

  • Karma
  • Jasmine

End-to-End Testing


Unit Testing

Protractor (http://www.protractortest.org/)

Use npm to install Protractor globally with

 $ npm install -g protractor

The webdriver-manager is a helper tool to easily get an instance of a Selenium Server running. Use it to download the necessary binaries with:

 $ webdriver-manager update

Now start up a server with:

$ webdriver-manager start

Install a demo repository:

 $ git clone https://github.com/juliemr/protractor-demo.git $ npm install

Update selenium driver

 $ node_modules/protractor/bin/webdriver-manager  update

Run server in background:

 $ node app/expressserver.js &

Now run the tests

 $ npm test > protractor-demo@0.0.1 test /CLOUD/Environment/workspace.javascript.testing/protractor/protractor-demo > protractor test/conf.js Using ChromeDriver directly... [launcher] Running 1 instances of WebDriver Started ... 3 specs, 0 failures Finished in 6.552 seconds [launcher] 0 instance(s) of WebDriver still running [launcher] chrome #1 passed


05 Okt

Error message: No selenium server jar found at the specified location

The Error

If you got this error when testing your javascript app, maybe you hate to update the selenium driver jar.

The Solution

Update the driver depending on the installation of the node module:

Check with

$ which protracto

If installed global, then use the command

$ /usr/local/lib/node_modules/protractor/bin/webdriver-manager update

If installed in the app directory, use

$ node_modules/protractor/bin/webdriver-manager update
[17:17:13] I/update - chromedriver: file exists node_modules/protractor/node_modules/webdriver-manager/selenium/chromedriver_2.22mac32.zip
[17:17:13] I/update - chromedriver: unzipping chromedriver_2.22mac32.zip
[17:17:14] I/update - chromedriver: setting permissions to 0755 for node_modules/protractor/node_modules/webdriver-manager/selenium/chromedriver_2.22
[17:17:14] I/update - chromedriver: v2.22 up to date
[17:17:14] I/update - selenium standalone: file exists node_modules/protractor/node_modules/webdriver-manager/selenium/selenium-server-standalone-2.53.1.jar
[17:17:14] I/update - selenium standalone: v2.53.1 up to date