Erlang | Get Started


Erlang / Elixir

brew install elixir


mix archive.install hex phx_new

First Steps

Create sample project

mix hello
* creating hello/config/config.exs
* creating hello/config/dev.exs
* creating hello/config/prod.exs
* creating hello/config/prod.secret.exs
* creating hello/assets/css/phoenix.css
* creating hello/assets/static/images/phoenix.png
* creating hello/assets/static/robots.txt

Fetch and install dependencies? [Yn] Y
* running mix deps.get
Phoenix uses an optional assets build tool called webpack
that requires node.js and npm. Installation instructions for
node.js, which includes npm, can be found at

The command listed next expect that you have npm available.
If you don't want webpack, you can re-run this generator
with the --no-webpack option.

We are almost there! The following steps are missing:
    $ cd hello
    $ cd assets && npm install && node node_modules/webpack/bin/webpack.js --mode development

Then configure your database in config/dev.exs and run:
    $ mix ecto.create

Start your Phoenix app with:
    $ mix phx.server

You can also run your app inside IEx (Interactive Elixir) as:
    $ iex -S mix phx.server